6 Ways Your Home is Attracting Pests

attractive to pests

Do you feel like you are in a constant battle with pests in your home? Whether it’s roaches, ants, or rodents, every time you seem to eliminate them, they come back. No matter how hard you try on your own, these unwanted guests make their way back into your home, office, or lawn. It may be time to look at what is making your space so attractive to these pests.

Spilled Food and Leftovers Laying Around

This is easily the main reason you have a recurring pest problem in your home. Pests often invade a space for resources like shelter, food, or water. Insects and rodents make their way into your home if there is a good supply of food there. To solve this, be sure to store food in sealed containers and the surrounding areas clean. Dispose of any unwanted leftovers and clean surfaces where the food was. Even the smallest of crumbs can be a food source for an unwanted pest.

Unnecessary Clutter

This one is hard to avoid as it is very easy for clutter to collect in our house. The clutter does not need to contain food for it to be attractive to pests. Clutter can provide shelter and safety to the pests. For example, rodents enjoy living in dark spaces and so clutter can become a prime location for rats. Clutter isn’t something you want in your house and so by tidying up, you will also improve the appearance of the space. If you have objects you don’t use every day, store them in seal containers or containers. If the objects aren’t important or don’t bring you joy, it may be time to throw them away altogether.

Unused Drains and Excess Moisture

Just like shelter and food, water is an important resource that pests are looking for when they enter your home. Insects, in particular, are drawn to moisture. If your house stays humid, then you will experience frequents pest problems. If you have any leaks or broken pipes, the moisture can enter the walls and make the entire house damp. This can attract several types of pests, like termites, which can turn into serious issues. Additionally, a drain that rarely gets used that contains organic material and moisture can attract pests. Environments like this are perfect for fruit and drain flies to breed.

Holes and Cracks in the Wall

Pests are always looking for a safe space for shelter. If your walls have hiding places, they will be an ideal safe haven for pests. If the space is small and hard for you to reach, insects will use it as shelter. If that space is even bigger, then it can potentially be used by rodents for shelter. If can also be used as a point of entry for the pests. No matter how many times you eliminate an infestation, it will appear to resurge each time if they have a secret entrance back. Be sure to fill all of the holes and cracks in walls.

Damaged Screens and Windows

If the screen for your windows, patio, or doors are damaged, then they can attract mosquitos into your home. If your window doesn’t seal all the way or the door doesn’t close properly, pests can find their way into your home. Most pests only require a very tiny space to enter your home.

Regularly fix any breaks in the screen and fix any of the seals around windows and doors. This will prevent pests from having a point of entry.


Although it may be a deterrent to you and me, garbage can be an invitation to your home for most pests. The smell can draw in pests from far and wide to provide them a source of food. It is best to practice containing your garbage to the best of your ability. Don’t overfill your garbage, keep the lid tightly closed, and regularly take it out. Keep the container clean and the bag sealed closed. If it is outside, garbage can draw even bigger pests, like raccoons.

Call in the Experts

It is pretty clear that pests are looking for food, shelter, or water resources when they enter into your space. By keeping these secure from pests, it can prevent an infestation and prevent them from coming back. At Houseman Services, we help identify what the cause of an infestation is while we provide a solution. We are here to help. If you have any questions, give us a call today!