Ever Hear of a Vole?

Have you ever heard of a vole? Voles are often confused with moles. These two rodents are completely different. A mole is NOT a rodent. It is an insectivore. A vole is a rodent. Learn more about a vole here.

What is a Vole?

A vole is a rodent related to hamsters. They cause widespread damage and are capable of doing extensive damage to trees, lawns, and gardens. A lot of people are not aware of voles. Most people know about moles and blame their lawn damage on them. Moles do not eat plants. Voles eat plants.

Voles are also commonly mistaken for a mouse, and they get called a “field mouse” or “meadow mouse.” In comparison to mice, voles have smaller ears, a blunt nose, shorter tails and legs, and stocky bodies.


There are over 100 species of voles. Some of the species are prairie voles, water voles, meadow voles, mountain voles, and tundra voles.

Physical Details

Voles come in a large variety in length and color. The average vole is approximately four to eight inches long, weighing a few ounces, and has lush brown or gray fur. They can reach a speed of 6 miles per hour. A vole eats up to its own weight in food daily.

Lifespan and Reproduction

A vole’s life expectancy is typically less than half a year if in the wild and up to three years in captivity. Voles begin reproducing at about three to four weeks old. Female voles may birth a litter every month, producing 3 to 6 babies.

Damage to Lawn and Gardens

Voles dig runways across your lawn, eating your plants and vegetables. Voles strip the bark from your trees, which is girdling. Girdling creates a ring of exposed wood, which can result in the tree’s death.

Voles are dangerous by spreading disease through their urine and feces and introducing parasites onto your property. They also can cause significant damages to lawns, fruit trees, landscaping, and grain crops. Voles eat plant roots, bulbs, and the bark of young trees, especially fruit trees.


People think that voles and moles hibernate during the winter. They do not hibernate. In fact, both animals dig deeper tunnels to escape the cold, and they continue eating ferociously throughout the winter.

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