Lawn Care

Need lawn service?

Perhaps we can help. We have experience in treating all types of lawn problems in the Athens area. All of our lawn care technicians have been trained to identify not only common lawn problems, but also the rare problems that you might be experiencing. Call us today or submit your question online. Our trained staff of lawn technicians are trained to identify all types of lawns including Fescue and Bermuda grass, as well as all the various varieties of these grasses.


Houseman Services is locally formulated to suit the needs of our Athens-area climate. It consists of 7 basic treatments that will further be tailored according to the needs of your lawn and the particular season.

Round 1 January-February

Our first application of the season includes both pre-emergent weed controls and post-emergent weed controls to aid in the prevention of broadleaf weeds and annual crabgrass. We also apply high potassium fertilizer for root development. Grassy weed controls are applied as needed.

Round 2 February-March

Our application of high nitrogen fertilizer will help ensure a quicker green up. A second treatment of pre-emergent and post-emergent weed controls will be applied on this application.

Round 3 April-May

With the onset of warmer temperatures we will apply a granular slow-release fertilizer to enhance the color of your lawn. Grassy and broadleaf weed controls are applied as needed. This is a good time to core-aerate your lawn.

Round 4 May-June

To help all warm season lawns maintain color and growth, we apply another granular slow-release fertilizer. Grassy and broadleaf weed controls are applied as needed. Proper mowing and watering are the keys to maintaining a green, healthy lawn during this time of season

Round 5 July-August

Heading into the end of summer, we apply another granular slow-release fertilizer mixed to maintain the color and feed the roots of your turf. Grassy and broadleaf weed controls are applied as needed.

Round 6 September-October

This application consists of both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed controls to aid in the prevention of annual winter weeds. We also apply high potassium fertilizer designed to strengthen root systems. This treatment is also designed to help minimize the possibility of winter damage.

Round 7 November-December

This treatment will condition the soil and help balance the pH level so that your turf can use our fertilizer more efficiently. Grassy and broadleaf weed controls are applied as needed. Any lawn that did not receive pre-emergent on the Round 5 visit will receive it on this treatment in addition to the grass and broadleaf weed controls.

Why do we use granular fertilizers instead of liquid sprays?

Unlike many liquid "one mix treats all" services, the dry granular fertilizer approach allows us to tailor our treatments to the specific needs of your lawn.

This same "golf course" method allows us to apply non-burning, controlled-release fertilizers which drop straight to the ground, where they belong - not "hung up" on the leaves. The results? A thick, green lawn for you and your family to enjoy!

Need more information?

WATERING: In the absence of normal rainfall, provide your lawn and ornamentals with 1-2" of water per spot per week. This usually amounts to one-two hours of watering per spot. Remember to water during nighttime or early morning hours to avoid disease development.

MOWING: Continue mowing fescue at 2-2.5" once per week. Bermuda grass should be mowed at about 1" to 1.5", ideally once every five days. More frequent mowing on Bermuda helps avoid that "scalped" look after mowing.

BROWN AREAS: Occasionally, brown areas will appear in lawns in the summer even if they are watered. These spots are sometimes caused by fungi and can usually be controlled under your Houseman lawn program. If these areas appear, call us and we will inspect your lawn, take the appropriate control measures, and advise you on what you can do to help.

CORE AERATION: We will advise you this summer on the aeration needs of your lawn. Due to the extremely compacted nature of our soils, we recommend aeration annually. We offer this service as an option to our customers and usually aerate Bermuda and Zoysia lawns in hot weather and Fescue lawns in the fall. Let us know if we can help.

ORNAMENTALS: Japanese Beetles attack in early summer and have HUGE appetites. They love to eat crepe myrtles, roses, cherries, and lots of other plants we love, so lookout for bronze-green beetles on your plants. We can control these pests under our ornamental program, but repeat applications are necessary.

FREE SERVICE VISITS: As always, we are here to help. Any time you have questions or concerns between your regularly scheduled visits, call us. We will advise you on your lawn and landscape, and do whatever we need to do to help.