Pest ID – Black Carpenter Ants

Most people have had experience with ants or red ants with their nasty sting to humans. But, have you heard of black carpenter ants? They are almost gigantic compared to other ant species in the world. They are mostly recognized by their size and color. The black carpenter ant has one segment at its waist and a long abdomen with light-colored gray-black hairs on it. They are glossing and completely black. One of the telltale signs of a black carpenter ant is how their antennae bends coming out of their head. Both Males and potential queens have wings and fly. From late spring season to the middle of summer, they form swards as they are actively trying to breed.

As their name suggests, these ants build quite well. The building locations of black carpenter ants next can make them quite a nuisance for humans. Black carpenter ants build their homes in wood. Termites live inside wood and eat the wood too. These ants have colonies of up to 10,000 ants that reside in woodpiles and sheds, dead trees, telephone poles, under house insulation, or even inside the walls of houses. Worker ants cannot fly and live to serve the one queen in a mature colony solely.

Solitary scouts seek food out of the colony and then return to the spot with more ants later. Eggs are produced quickly by the colony’s queen ant. A small colony can grow into a massive colony in a small amount of time. Black carpenter ant infestations cause significant damage, and they need to be eliminated by a professional exterminator.

Can they hurt humans?

Yes, they can hurt humans because carpenter ants do bite, though they cannot sting. Black carpenter ants have another defensive maneuver by spraying formic acid at a possible threat. To ward off predators, members of the family Formicidae use a build-up of their internal store of natural formic acid. Black Carpenter Ants feed on plant juices, fungus, good scaps, and even other insects. Most food foraging is done under cover of night, though they have been seen at breakfast on kitchen counters and stovetops eating leftover crumbs. 

Difference between ant and carpenter ant?

The main difference between a regular ant and a carpenter ant is the shape of the body. It is slightly different. Regular ants have a more circular head, while Carpenter ants have a head that is shaped like a heart. The carpenter ant’s thorax is also more symmetrical than a regular breed.

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