Removing Unwanted Backyard Pests: Mosquitos

For 6 years in a row, Athens, GA, has been claimed the prize of being the winner of the Top 50 Worst Cities for Mosquitos according to Orkin. They are some of the most dreaded pests that plague residents during the summer months. Mosquitos have a short life cycle, but even then, they are an annoying pest with a dangerous bite. Their presence is annoying and can quickly ruin a camping trip or backyard barbeque.

Their bite leaves most with a swollen and itchy bump on the skin. Mosquitos are also responsible for transmitting dangerous diseases like malaria, West Nile virus, yellow fever, and more. This makes mosquitos more than just an annoying pest, but actually they have a dangerous bite. Mosquitos are a pest you want to prevent, reduce, and repel as much as possible.

Traditional methods of mosquito repellent you get from the grocery store or pharmacy usually contain DEET. Deet is a chemical that can be dangerous to your lawn, your family, your pets, and you. Aside from harsh chemicals, there are DIY or alternative options, but it is best to prevent and reduce their presence in your yard altogether. By understanding their breeding cycles, habitats, and habits can help your efforts in preventing and reducing mosquito infestation in your backyard.

Understanding Mosquitos

Mosquitos often seem as if to “appear overnight”. Since they are so small in appearance, by the time you notice them, it is usually because they are on you or buzzing by your head. It can be one day of unbothered relaxing followed by the next day where you are swatting away pesky little bugs.

Mosquitos reproduce rapidly. The female mosquito only needs to mate with a male mosquito once to produce eggs up to five times in a single summer season. Female mosquitos lay their eggs in an area that provides them sufficient moisture. This is why mosquitos are drawn to the area with still water like swamps, marshes, puddles, ponds, collected water, and anywhere else stagnant water might be present.

The time it takes a female mosquito to lay eggs and those eggs to turn into fully formed adults is less than one month. This means mosquitos have a very quick life cycle and can be a hard pest to control when they start reproducing. The best way to prevent and reduce mosquito infestation in your backyard is to reduce their ability to breed.

Cutting Mosquitos Off At The Source

When you take a look at your yard, there is a very high chance you are underestimating the number of potential breeding spots for mosquitoes. It only takes a very small amount of stagnant water for a mosquito to lay her eggs. The best place to start is eliminating all areas of stagnant water in your yard. These can include:

Planters and pots

Kids toys

Gutters (with poor drainage or clogs)



Pet bowls


Open trash cans or buckets


Areas that are prone to puddles after rain

A pool that lacks proper maintenance

Anything that collects water and poorly drains

What to Do?

Dump it: After inspecting your property for any stagnant water, dump it out! This takes away the opportunity before the mosquitoes even lay any eggs. If you do have tarps or coverings on anything outside, make sure they are tightly fitted and water doesn’t pool in any areas. Regularly check and clean kids’ toys and pet bowls if left outside.

Clean up: Even the smallest about of water can be used as breeding grounds. Regularly pick up bottles, cups, cans, etc. and then throw them away. Remove any old car tires from your property and drill holes in the bottom of tire swings to avoid water pooling.

Be mindful of any water features on your property: If you have a decorative pond or live near a small pond or drainage canals, be sure to pay attention to standing water and speak to an expert on options to prevent mosquitos.

Mosquito-proof your yard: Keeping your lawn tidy can make a big difference when it comes to mosquito infestations. Mosquitos love overgrown trees, brush, weeds, and grass. Consider planting things like lavender, peppermint, marigolds, citronella grass and more to naturally deter mosquitoes.

Call in the Professionals

Once mosquitos are in your yard, they are hard to get out. The experts at Houseman Services can help with any pest infestation that plagues your property. Mosquitos are no different. Using methods that are safe for your family, your pets, your lawn, and you, Houseman Services makes sure that mosquitos are taken care of and won’t be back. Cutting them off at the source and prevent breeding, while killing the adults, can make it impossible for mosquitoes to infest your yard. Call the experts at Houseman Services today to see what you can do to reduce the pesky mosquitos from your yard this summer.