Six Steps to Have THE Perfect Lawn in 2020

Already thinking about what you need to do for the PERFECT lawn this year? Start now to ensure a healthy, green, and lush lawn, by analyzing the needs of your yard and then carefully prepare the setting soil. It will also be essential to maintain the grass at an adequate height, water and feed the lawn regularly, and eliminate any weeds. Be sure to supply the lawn with sufficient air for nutrient penetration as well.

1. Lawn Analysis

At Houseman Services in Athens, GA, we provide a FREE comprehensive lawn analysis and quotation. If your lawn has become infested with weeds, or the grass is looking patchy and off-color, give us a call to schedule a FREE comprehensive lawn analysis to enable us to recommend a course of action to make your lawn stand out.

2. Lawn Aeration

It is vital to properly aerate your lawn by poking holes in the ground to improve the oxygen circulation. Most people use basic tools to aerate the lawn or walk on the grass with spiked sports shoes. Aerating the lawn feeds the necessary nutrients to the lawn’s root system.

3. Lawn Seeding

Identify the type of lawn and various varieties of grass you currently have down and then determine what type of seeds to plant during which times of the year to ensure that you have that PERFECT beautiful lawn.

4. Optimal Weed, Insect and Disease Control, and Fertilization

After you get your lawn analysis completed, we can take steps to optimize your lawn with the correct fertilizer to control weeds, insects, and disease. We specialize in lawn care and pest control.

5. Proper Watering

Most homes water their lawn weekly, but make sure that you ensure the water runs deep enough without causing runoff. Shallow, frequent watering can inhibit the root extension deeper into the soil. Deep watering is the key to preventing the destruction of the lawn by chinch bugs, and other pests as they are common in dried, stressed-out lawns. Take into consideration the type of soil when you are planning out your watering strategy.

6. Cut the Grass at Correct Height

We recommend that you allow the grass to grow taller before mowing. Raise your mower blade to the highest possible notch so that you avoid mowing your lawn too short, which can put extra pressure on the grass, inhibiting healthy growth. This allows better root development but only cutting off the top third part of the grass each time.

Now, sit back and enjoy your perfect lawn and the neighbor’s compliments about it!

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