What is Henbit?

Caring for a lawn can be hard and weeds or invasive species can make it even harder. Henbit is a common annual weed that can be found in most areas of the U.S. and it can be very challenging to remove from your lawn once it gets in there. By its nature, Henbit takes advantage of the moist areas of your lawn and each plant can produce a baffling 2,000 seeds that easily spread and take root. It can be very hard to control and remove once it gets into your lawn. The good news? Houseman Services is here to help.

The name “Henbit” comes from the fact that chickens like to snack on this weed. Hummingbirds also enjoy Henbit for its sweet nectar and it is often mistaken for Purple Deadnettle. In some areas in the south where they have cropland fields, Henbit is used for erosion control and is a great source for nectar and pollen for honeybees.

The leaves of Henbit are either heartshaped or round and have scalloped edges. The plants are completely covered with fine hairs and during springtime, produce small lavender flowers. It grows to be about 10-30 centimeters and can be spotted growing in areas where it is hard for grass to grow.

How to Prevent Henbit

One of the best ways to prevent Henbit from invading your lawn is by having a nice thick lawn. Proper maintenance can keep your lawn lush and thick. By having a healthy lawn, Henbit has nowhere to grow. Regularly trim your lawn to a height where it can grow thick and develop a deep root system. You can also feed your lawn the nutrients it needs to grow dense, lush grass, and keep any unwanted weeds out.

Finding Henbit early is crucial. It is best to catch Henbit in your yard before it has the opportunity to flower. Once it has done this, it produces and releases seeds. This can make it especially difficult to get rid of and cause infestations to last for years to come.

Bring in the Professionals

Henbit can quickly overtake a lawn or garden by its invasive and quickly spreading nature. This can make it a very pesky weed to get rid of. Once it has flowered, it is especially difficult. Houseman Services can help. We are experienced with various types of weeds that can plague your lawn. Call in the experts today to solve your Henbit infestation and keep your lawn lush and thick to prevent it from invading in the first place.